2021 Adult’s Fall Schedule

-Instructional games
-Fundamental skillwork

Our Teaching Philosophy

To bring you top quality tennis instruction, right here in your public parks, at reasonable rates. Learn, Laugh, Run and Play the game. We love tennis and we hope you’ll have a great time working with us. While we spend lots of time on the fundamentals, we use a variety of drills and teaching games to make your lessons fun and challenging.

Types Of Classes

Beginner: New player. Less than a years’ experience.

Advanced Beginner: Starting to hit forehand, backhand, and serve. Starting to rally back and forth and play points.

Low Intermediate: Starting to put serve in consistently.
Developing consistency on ground strokes. Has an understanding of basic strategy but not necessarily able to execute yet.

Intermediate: Becoming more confident. Starting to
develop power on at least one side (FH or BH). Can execute basic strategies of singles and doubles.

Adv. Intermediate: Able to solidly execute basic strategies.
Consistent and hits with some power.

Advanced Player: Has power, control, variety, and competitive