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General guidelines for buying Kids rackets:

The right size racket makes life easier and more fun for your young tennis player. These are general guidelines.

I am strongly biased in favor of smaller rackets. When in doubt, go with the smaller size and get success, even if your child outgrows it quickly. If you buy a child a 21 inch racket and it turns out to be a little too small, the consequence is that you may have lost $25. In any case, they can play with it for the time being.
If you buy a racket that turns out to be too large, your child may have more trouble contacting the ball and be slower to gain confidence. And in that case, good luck trying to convince your little player they aren't yet big enough to use this beautiful new thing they own and that they in fact need to buy a smaller one.

Boston Ski and Tennis in Newton at 153 Needham Street stocks all the kid-sized rackets and has years of experience seeing that the kids and adults in our program are fitted to the right size.

Adolphs on Beacon St ., next to Mail Box Etc., is also an excellent shop with a lot of tennis knowledge. The Barn in West Newton, Modell's off of Needham Street in Newton and you may find some rackets at stores like Target as well.


General guidelines for buying Adult rackets:

Adults should consult with pro shop personnel to determine their proper grip size and to discuss the various options available in rackets from face sizes to weight, etc.  Some shops will even "loan" you some rackets to try out at the courts in order to make a better buying decision.  In addition to the shops listed above, St. Moritz in Wellesley may have a well stocked inventory of rackets as well -- shop around!

Mike Lewitt


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