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Q. Do you accept credit cards?
A. Yes. Through online registration only (see Registration page). Mastercard and Visa only.
Q. Can I reserve a spot in a class prior to sending in my registration?

Sorry, no. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis upon receipt of your mail-in registration form or on-line registration and payment.

Q. I have sent in a registration, how will I know it's been confirmed?
A. Upon receipt of your registration we will process it, send a confirmation letter attachment or notice of "wait list status" through email (please be sure to provide a clearly printed email address).  Note:  If you have not received any kind of notification from us within 4 days after sending in your registration, please call 617-661-PLAY! Otherwise, you will run the risk of getting closed out of a class as we may not have received your information at all!
Q. Can I be put on a wait list without sending in any information?

Yes, only through the online registration system. Names will be entered on the wait list in the order in which they come in. If a mail-in registration with payment has been received then we will add the registrant to the wait list in the order it came in.

Q. If I have already paid a registration fee for a previous class do I still need to send one in with a new registration?

Yes.  The registration fee is not a one time fee.  It is a per registration feeAlso, as stated directly on the registration form, in order for us to hold a spot in a class this non-refundable registration fee must accompany all registrations -- failure to pay this fee will delay processing of registrations and could jeopardize one's class placement.

Q. Can I send in registration for two separate seasons for the same person at the same time and pay only one registration fee?

For mail-in registrations there would be two separate forms with two separate registration fees.  For online registrations this would require just one registration fee at checkout.

Q. Is there a discount if more than one family member enrolls in a class or classes during the same session in your program?

Sorry, no. We do not offer family discounts.

Q. What is the likelihood of getting into a class from the wait list?
A. There have been many instances where people enrolled have had to withdraw prior to or right after the start of classes or we have been able to secure additional instructors and court locations enabling us to expand or create additional class offerings, thus, creating additional spots. 
Q. What happens to my payment if I am put on a wait list?
A. We do not process wait list payments up until the start of our class offerings. If we have not been able to accommodate a registrant into a class we will return your uncashed check.

What is your refund policy if I need to withdraw from a class after I have already been confirmed or once the class has already started?


Each session we clearly state our refund policy on the season's flyer, in the confirmation letter received and on our website- please refer to those resources for time frames and any refundable amounts. Registration fees are non-refundable.  Please note: Once a class has started there is no credit or refund provided for withdrawal, for any reason, except with submittal of a doctor's note for medical circumstances requiring full withdrawal from the program. 

Q. Your kids programs are offered by age group instead of by level - how does that work?
A. We are able to quickly assess the skill level of participants in a class and in doing so we will break kids into appropriate groups for drills and playing time, etc. Classes have always run successfully in this way even if your child has never played tennis before.
Q. What if I'm not sure whether there will be a class or not because of questionable weather?

We always try to hold class if we possibly can. On a day there has been rain or questionable weather forecasts (or even perhaps if there has been lots of rain for days prior) call (617) 661-PLAY, 45 minutes prior to the start of your clinic for a recorded message of notification of cancellations.  The cancellation line is only updated upon cancellations. Please note: Most classes are given as part of a two, three or four hour block i.e. the 9am to noon block is 9-10am, 10-11am, 11-noon.  If we have to cancel a class within a block of classes then the teachers are dismissed for the rest of the block and all the classes that follow within that block will be cancelled as well.

Q. What if a class has been cancelled -- how will it get made up?
There are no scheduled rain make-ups for classes. A credit will be issued to your online tennis account for all applicable cancellations, which can be used to offset the cost of your next registration costs. Credits can only be used towards full enrollment in one of our tennis sessions. These credits do not apply to any other parks and recreation program. Any applicable credits will appear at the very end of the registration checkout process. Credits are valid for 1 year.  No refunds.
Q. What if I have to miss class due to illness or some other reason?  Can  I get a credit or can I make it up?
A. We are unable to credit our participants for classes they cannot attend, only classes we must cancel on our end. In addition, we can only provide makeup allowances within the same session, provided we have a spot in another class to fit you.  We are not able to carry over makeup classes from one session to the next. Please note: Makeups are never guaranteed. 
Q. There are a few classes that have a per diem payment option -- do I pay in advance for the number of classes I plan to take or do I pay at the courts each time I go?

Per diem classes are pay as you go. You cannot sign up for partial payments in advance.  If you want to pay in full for all of the classes listed you must do so in advance.

Q. Do you offer private lessons?

Our program is a community based program focused on providing quality group lessons as provided in our schedule of classes. Our instructors work full time teaching adult and kid classes during the morning, afternoon and evening hours, almost every day of the week (including weekends).   When they are not running our classes then most of them are working at other jobs as well.  Therefore, we really have limited resources available to provide private lesson services and most likely we will not be able to meet this request.  If we are ever able to arrange this service it usually occurs after several weeks into any of our sessions at which point we can determine if our instructors have any flexibility in their schedules at all.

Q. Can I take classes if I am not a Newton Resident?
A. Absolutely! We welcome residents from all communities and we do not charge additional fees for non-residents.
Q. What do I need to bring to class?
A. You will need proper fitting sneakers, a racket (we do not have rackets available for loan or use during class) and it is a good idea to bring a water bottle, hat and sunscreen (if weather dictates). If needed, please see our racket guidelines for determining the proper size and possible places to purchase.


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